Cooler helps you eat properly while on your truck


Today, as truckers navigate not just the nation’s interstates but also sometimes uncertain access to food while on the road and the need to take more meals in their trucks, it only makes sense to have a decent, reliable cooler in which to store provisions.

Int Dims 55 Blue 2000xThere are plenty to choose from, but the Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze cooler makes a lot of sense. Its 55-quart model has a variety of features truckers will appreciate. It comes with:

  • Built-in locking mounts
  • Oversized drain
  • Padded side handles
  • Internal wire basket
  • High-performance insulation
  • Heavy-duty T-latches

It also features Micro­ban antimicrobial protection built into the material. Guaranteed to last the cooler’s lifetime, this makes for easier cleaning and eliminates the stench that can build up in some coolers.

The 55-quarter model retails for $245.

Arctic Zone also makes a similar 20-quarter ice chest and a variety of soft coolers and lunch bags.