How much truck parking is required in the U.S.?

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How much parking is needed in the U.S.?

Truck parking — in specific, the growing lack of it — is a huge issue in this country, and one that is getting bigger.

But, just how much parking is needed to accommodate all of the trucks on the road today?

The folks at offered this interesting example in the current issue of its newsletter Trans4Cast:

“If you had to park all the heavy trucks in this country on I-10 six abreast, how many miles from Jacksonville, Fla. west would you have to rent? Out to New Orleans? Houston? The surprizing answer is you would need all of I-10 from Jacksonville, Fla. to Santa Monica, Calif. PLUS almost 900 miles of I-40 headed back the other way from LA (just past Albuquerque, NM).”

They add another interesting stat:

“If the average road truck takes only 15 minutes of extra time per day to find a parking spot, that extra work reduces total fleet productivity by more than 1 percent.”