Return of a classic: 1956 Ford F-100 comes back … for a price

The design of the 1956 Ford F-100 is a timeless work of art. But the truth is, so many aspects of owning and driving a nearly 60-year-old pickup are a bit … tricky. Once you start driving one full-time you really start to appreciate the advancements in suspension and engine technology modern trucks have given us.

1956 Ford F-100 on the road again

But what if you could have both? That’s exactly what Los Angeles-based Bodie Stroud Industries is delivering with its “new” F-100. For a price.

Dubbed the BSI X-100, this hand-built restomod sits a slightly-altered F-100 body onto a modern custom steel chassis. Stroud says the hood has been chopped and the cab has been extended down to meet the running boards. The truck’s rear window has been enlarged as well for better sight lines. Stroud opted for 1948 Chevrolet taillights to complete the look he was going for.

Inside the new 1956 Ford F-100

When ordering one of these trucks you get a choice between a 5-liter, 412-horsepower Ford Racing Coyote crate engine or a 630-hp Aluminator Coyote. No matter which one you choose, it’ll be paired with a Ford 4R70W automatic transmission. You also get modern power rack-and-pinion steering.

Under the hood of the new 1956 Ford F-100

The truck’s front suspension is fully independent while the rear uses a custom four-link setup with a 9-inch axle. If you want the truck to ride a bit higher, BSI offers a programmable airbag system.

Inside the cab you won’t find the original gauges. Instead, Stroud has hand-fit the gauges from the 2012 Ford King Ranch to the dash. The cab also features a modern center console, climate control and adjustable bucket seats in place of the original bench seating.

So how much does one of these pickups cost? Pricing starts at $180,000 and goes up depending on how you spec the truck out.

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