Photos: Get a good look at Freightliner self-driving truck

Updated Jun 8, 2015
At the wheel (?) of Freightliner’s Inspiration Truck

Daimler and Freightliner captured the imagination of the American trucking industry Tuesday (May 5) when it introduced its Inspiration Truck, the first self-driving truck licensed by a state (Nevada) to travel its highways. It made quite a splash with a video projected onto the Hoover Dam, setting a Guinness Book of World Records mark in the process.

Why Hoover Dam? Here’s what Daimler said:

“The Hoover Dam was selected for the unveiling because it represents America’s ability to dream big and accomplish amazing things, even in the midst of adversity. Built during the Great Depression under harsh conditions, it took fewer than five years to complete. The largest dam of its time, the Hoover Dam still stands as an engineering marvel eight decades later. The Inspiration Truck drove on top of the dam, presenting itself to the world, while the dam was used as an emotional large-scale projection surface.”

Here are some photos to give you a much closer look at Freightliner’s Inspiration Truck, and maybe even inspire you.

Inspiration is licensed to drive on highways in Nevada.Inspiration is licensed to drive on highways in Nevada.

How Inspiration Truck 'sees'How Inspiration Truck "sees"

What makes Inspiration Truck workWhat makes Inspiration Truck work