More storage space in 40-inch KW sleeper

New Kenworth 40-inch sleeper.

Kenworth announced several new options for its T880 and T680 Sunday at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

A 40-inch sleeper for the T880 and T680 will enter production March 7.

Jason Skoog, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing, says the 40-inch sleeper offers drivers organizational features to make the space as efficient as possible for those who occasionally stay overnight.

“The layout provides excellent flexibility and choice in meeting the operational needs of truck fleets and operators,” he says. “In addition, it’s 260 pounds lighter than the Kenworth 52-inch regional sleeper offering important weight savings for additional payload.”

Compared to the Kenworth 38-inch AeroCab sleeper, the 40-inch sleeper’s 22 cubic feet of storage space is greater, and its roof is 6 inches lower at 87 inches.

The new 40-inch sleeper features:

  • a 24-inch wide by 75-inch long liftable bunk that can be tilted up to 90 degrees for easy access to under-bunk storage
  • a cell phone cubby,
  • hooks specifically designed to hold hard hats as well as coat
  • two standard toolbox doors

Additional options include:

  • 19-inch by 36-inch stationary or sliding window on the back of the sleepe
  • 19-inch by 12-inch outboard windows
  • LED marker lights
  • extreme temperature insulation
  • premium speakers
  • side extenders
  • stainless steel sun visor