Unbee-lievable: Swarm admires this sweet Western Star

Updated May 30, 2016
This truck in Ontario, Canada became a stopping point for a swarm of honeybees.

There are few things that can stop a driver from moving down the highway, and a large swarm of honeybees happens to be one of them.

A truck driver in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada found that out the hard way Sunday afternoon, May 29, when a large swarm of bees took up residence on the front of his Western Star.

Peel Regional Police report that a bee expert told them this occurs when a new bee colony is formed by the queen bee leaving the existing colony with a large group of worker bees in tow.

A media report on the mishap said the bees “…decided to take a break on the truck before moving along to whatever its final destination will be.”

 There were no reports if this was part of a police “sting” operation.