Mahoney unveils its new trucks, trailers

Updated May 15, 2017

Mahoney Environmental, a recycler of cooking oil located in Joliet, Illinois, recently unveiled its new tractor-trailer combination fleet. The order was for 15 tractors and six trailers – all with eco-conscious specifications.

Mahoney Environmental truckMahoney Environmental’s new tractor-trailer fleet is their most versatile combination yet, according to the company. These lightweight, high capacity combinations give Mahoney the ability to service more customers in less time. The increased capacity allows for trucks to run overnight routes, picking up twice as many stops, without the need to offload as often, according to Mahoney.

Mahoney’s new Freightliner tractors and Advance trailers were unveiled at their 2017 kickoff meeting. This was the first step in Mahoney’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint through the efficiency of their fleet.

“We are extremely proud of our new fleet configuration,”said Jeff Corbin, director of Maintenance and Fleet Operations. “This fleet is the result of great collaboration between all our suppliers. This equipment is the lightest, most versatile equipment anyone in our industry is operating today, and we take pride in investing in the well-being of our planet and are extremely proud of our world class fleet.”

Since 1953, Mahoney Environmental has been recycling used cooking oil, grease trap material, and other waste products into materials that are sustainably transformed into products such as animal feed and alternative biofuels.