Washington mega-load nears 1 million pounds

Updated Nov 14, 2018

Washington State considers the combined weight of a tractor-trailer and its load over 200,000 pounds to be a “superload”.

What must they call a load like one hauled recently by Omega Morgan?

The cargo alone — a transformer headed to the Bonneville Power Administration Rock Creek substation — weighed in at 460,000 pounds. Omega Morgan’s 360-foot-long trailer with 48 axles tipped the scales at 484,000 pounds. So before adding the three tractors — a Kenworth C500 to pull and two Kenworth T800 heavy haulers to push the load — the haul totaled some 944,000 pounds.

Omega Morgan moved the massive load 47 miles, including 14 miles on a 20-foot-wide road that hardly had room for the 18-foot-wide load. The company even had to widen a section of road from 16 to 20 feet.

Here’s what it looked like on the road:

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