About 5,000 trucks shut down during inspection blitz

Updated Nov 7, 2018

Almost 5,000 commercial vehicles were placed out of service during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance‘s annual Brake Safety Week, Sept. 16-22.

Some 35,080 inspections were conducted in 57 jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada and 4,955 (14.1 percent) of the vehicles inspected were placed out of service for brake problems, according to a statement from the CVSA.

Part of the inspection blitz was a focus on antilock braking systems and how well they are maintained. The CVSA said:

  • 26,143 air-braked power units required ABS and 2,176 (8.3 percent) had ABS violations.
  • 17,857 trailers that were inspected required ABS, and 2,224 (12.5 percent) had ABS violations.
  • 5,354 hydraulic-braked trucks required ABS, and 234 (4.4 percent) (234) ABS violations.

Brake violations were the top vehicle out-of-service violation during the CVSA’s International Roadcheck 72-hour enforcement initiative in June, the CVSA said.

“Whether you’re driving a commercial motor vehicle or inspecting one, we all know the importance of properly functioning brakes,” said CVSA President Lt. Scott Carnegie with the Mississippi Highway Patrol. “It is essential that we – law enforcement, drivers and motor carriers – do all that we can through prevention, education, outreach and action to ensure only the safest commercial motor vehicles are being operated by professional drivers on our roadways.”