Meet all of Overdrive's 2022 Pride & Polish award winners

Updated Nov 3, 2022

Overdrive editor Todd Dills and Pride & Polish virtual truck show host Robb Mariani unveil the final results in this year's competition. Overdrive ran this year's Pride & Polish event a bit later in the year than the past couple of years. The physical, in-person show season has been back in force for 2022 -- think of this event as a fine way to put a cap on that, showcasing the work put in by truck owners all across the nation, the very best in custom rigs.

Throughout the summer months, dozens upon dozens of Overdrive readers entered their mostly working, show-ready rigs with photos that we then put up for a round of audience voting through the month of September. That’s right. Your owner-operator peers picked the winners. The champs are crowned here as well as two runners-up in seven categories – four for working trucks, with two each for bobtail and combo classes, delineated by year. There’s one Limited Mileage category for power units that experience less of the wear and tear of the road. There’s an Antique category for anything older than 25 years -- the 1997 model year this time around -- and a Best Interior class.

Run through the results Robb Mariani, past host of the American Trucker docu-series on the Speed Channel.