Watch: Texas chase ends with cops dragging suspect out of tractor-trailer

Updated Dec 29, 2023

An hours-long police pursuit and standoff on Interstate 10 near Houston Wednesday ended with Harris County Sheriff's deputies dragging a trucker from the cab of his tractor-trailer.

Officers had pursued the tractor-trailer at slow speeds before forcing it to stop by using spike strips to deflate its tires. However, the driver refused to exit the truck and an hours-long standoff ensued.

Deputies finally used what was described as a "bulldozer-like vehicle" to gain entry to the truck. They also sent in a K-9 to subdue the driver, who was eventually dragged out of the cab and surrounded on the ground by numerous officers. 

The unidentified driver was handcuffed, loaded onto a stretcher and removed from the interstate, which had been closed for hours.