Music: Be on the lookout for Diamond’s latest

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Melody Road by Neil Diamond

Make a note to go to Amazon or anyplace else that sells music on Oct. 21. One the great entertainers of the last 50 years is back as Neil Diamond releases Melody Road, his 32nd studio album that day. This is Diamond’s first release since he recorded Dreams, which was an album of covers. In case you lost track, the 73-year-old had his first hit in 1966 with Solitary Man.  $9.99. Cuts include:

1. “Melody Road”

2. “First Time”

3. “Seongah and Jimmy”

4. “Something Blue”

5. “Nothing But A Heartache”

6. “In Better Days”

7. “Ooo Do I Wanna Be Yours”

8. “Alone At The Ball”

9. “Sunny Disposition”

10. “Marry Me Now”

11. “The Art of Love”

12. “Melody Road (Reprise)”