What’s the color of your truck telling the world about you?

Updated Oct 13, 2014
color quiz
What color is your truck?

Seeing red?

Feeling blue?

Green with envy?

Color is all about us and fills our daily lives. But what does it say about us?

There is more and more research that suggests you can tell a lot about a person by the color of the clothes they wear, how they paint the rooms of their home and, of course, the color of the truck they drive.

A recent study about the color of the cars had a few examples:

Silver: You are a driver who wants to appear wealthy and prestigious. You’re sophisticated and you like to show off your vehicle’s design.

Black: You’re no pushover. You’re powerful and want to stamp your authority on the road.

Red: You’re passionate, wild, and not afraid to be seen.

Blue: You’re a cool and serene driver who often comes across as conservative, loyal and quiet. “

Sound like anyone you know?

What do you think the color of your truck says about you?

It’s easy enough to find out, take our quiz. It’s easy. Just press the button.

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