DVD: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry over ‘Wish I Was Here’

New on DVD: Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was here”

Get out your Kleenex, this is a two-box sorta film. One part comedy and one part heartstring tugger, Wish I Was Here is Zach Braff’s (Dr. J.D. Dorian in Scrubs) follow-up to his hit Garden State. Braff plays Aiden Bloom, a struggling – is there any other kind in such films? – with a wife (Kate Hudson) and two children as precious as they are precocious. And, an ailing father. At the age of 35, he is trying to sort out who he is and what his life is about … all while home schooling his kids. Life lessons get learned, tender moments exchanged and laughs shared. Loved by critics and indie music fans alike. Blu-ray $22. DVD $17.