DVD: Bad cops. Bad cops. Whatcha gonna do?

reno 911
The entire Comedy Central series Reno 911! is now on DVD

Reno 911! | Unrated

From 2003 to 2009, an inept squad of police officers did everything BUT protect and serve the good people of Reno, Nev. And it was all captured for our viewing pleasure on Comedy Central. Reno 911! was a highly improvised comedy series that followed a group of none-too-bright and none-to-skilled deputies in the style of the successful Cops TV series. Now, the entire series, all 88 episodes, is available as a collection. Fair warning: Reno 911! is not just not suitable for work, it is not suitable for those who flinch at adult language, adult situations and all those other politically incorrect things that made this show a hit. $45.95