DVD: In a world where remembering is dangerous …

Updated Nov 27, 2014
the giver
Jeff Bridges (left) and Brandon Thwaite (right) in “The Giver”

Based on the young adult novel by Lois Lowry, The Giver tells of a “perfect” future society that keeps the peace through strict rules and medication. Oh, and by wiping clean the memories of its inhabitants after a major war. Only the Receiver of Memory a.k.a The Giver (Jeff Bridges) is spared having his brain cleansed. Jonas (Brandon Thwaite) is chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory, but instead of keeping them to himself, he begins to share. Needless to say, this does not sit well with the Elders. Also stars Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Alexander Skarsgard. The Giver did not create the best memories for critics, but you can decide for yourself … unlike the folks in this future society.