DVD: Vintage TV series ‘Mr. Ed’ now available

mister ed
Mister Ed (left) & Wilbur

There was a simpler time when it came to television, a time without reality shows, handsome or gorgeous twenty-somethings coping with their somehow unfulfilling lives in Manhattan and school teachers who become meth dealers. It was a time when a talking horse could be the focus of a weekly sitcom. That time was the early 1960s and that horse was Mr. Ed. Now all 143 episodes of the show are on DVD for your shameless binging enjoyment. For those too young to remember, Mr. Ed was a handsome palomino (played by a gelding named Bamboo Harvester and voiced by Allan Lane) who had the gift of speech … but only spoke to one person, his owner, Wilbur Post (Alan Young).  Although the show ran for six seasons, it was never explained why Mr. Ed could talk. One of the true highlights of the show was the parade of guest stars who showed up: Mae West, Clint Eastwood, Leo Durocher, George Burns and Zsa Zsa Gabor among them. The 22-disc set is available only through Shout! Factory. $111.99
Mr. Ed meets Mae West