TV: a new shipping show where the cargo bites

Updated Jan 7, 2015
New from A & E: Wild Transport

First there was Ice Road Truckers.

Then came Shipping Wars.

And, now there’ s Wild Transport.

(See the extended sneak peek.)

A&E Network’s newest series follows an animal rescue, removal and relocation company that specializes in the dangerous and deadly.  It debuts tonight (Jan. 6) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The Wild Transport team is led by Rick and Andrew, “… who are extreme opposites but share a childlike enthusiasm for creatures big and small, taking advantage of any opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals they transport.,” according to a statement from A & E. “From lions and tigers to alligators and cobras, each transport proves to be an adventure with its own set of challenges as they travel across the country with unique and risky cargo in tow.”

Joining Rick and Andrew are Justin, a venomous creatures specialist, and Ashley who is learning the ropes in the field.

Throughout the season the Wild Transport crew tackles a variety of cargo including a camel that proves to be smarter than expected, stubborn zedonks that like to bite like a zebra and kick like a donkey, adult tigers and their cubs, who were too cute to leave behind, and a sneaky venomous snake that goes missing.