Music: J. Geils breakthrough album reissued

Bloodshot (reissue): J. Geils Band

In the early 1970s, the J. Geils Band had a reputation as a band you needed to hear live. Then came Bloodshot. Released in 1973, the nine-song album captured the musical energy that made the band popular, and really gave it a major taste of success as it became their first Top Ten album. This album contained several landmark J. Geils hits: Give It To Me, Southside Shuffle, House Party and Struttin’ With My Baby.  $20.98 from Real Gone Music. This reissue comes, as did the original, on red vinyl. What’s the band up to these days? Most recently they opened for Bob Seger’s latest tour. (Favorite bit of J. Geils trivia: the band originally formed in the mid-1960s as Snoopy & The Sopwith Camels.)

1. (Ain’t Nothin but a) House Party

2. Make Up Your Mind

3. Back to Get Ya

4. Struttin with My Baby

5. Don t Try to Hide It

6. Southside Shuffle

7. Hold Your Loving

8. Start All Over Again

9. Give It to Me

J. Geils classic Love Stinks