Proposed ‘Right Lane’ law has folks fuming

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Updated Mar 21, 2015
Proposed law in Buckeye State has folks fuming.

Keep right?

No way!

That’s pretty much the reaction by most folks about a law proposed in Ohio that would require trucks to mostly stick to the right lane.

“John” made a comment under the original story:

“Would be ok, if it kept all the “middle lane drivers” out of the middle lane. You know, the idiots who get on the highway and go straight to the middle lane, regardless of whether they are keeping up with traffic.”

And, our Facebook page overflowed with similar sentiments:

Shannon: “If I have to stay in the right lane, good luck getting on the freeway because I’m not moving over. They want us there. I’ll stay there!!”

Chris: “So at every entrance to the highway, truckers would have to constantly slow or speed up to let new cars in. That is very stressful for a trucker. It’s just another beurocratic stupid law. They must be bored !!!”

Michael: “I say trucks should stop going there and see how long they make it.”

What do you think?