New on DVD: all seven seasons of ‘MacGyver’

He was not only one of the coolest guys on television, but he also was the best DIY-r ever. His name even became a part of the language: “macgyver – (verb) use a shoelace, a toothpick and an empty beer can to make a rocket launcher.” Now, all seven season are begin reissued in one package. In case you were on the road each time the 132 episodes originally aired, Richard Dean Anderson played Angus MacGyver, an agent for the fiction government Department of External Services, and has a side gig as with the Phoenix Foundation think tank. He spent his time righting wrongs with little more than a Swiss Army knife and an amazing grasp of all things scientific. In addition to the programs that originally aired on ABC, this set includes to MacGyver movies. $83.32 at Walmart.