6 things to know about Pilot Flying J’s remodeled restrooms

Truckers and other travelers will notice something new when they stop at many Pilot Flying J travel centers this summer: updated, traveler-friendly restrooms.

According to the company, the restrooms at many of its locations across North America have been remodeled and upgraded.

Pilot Flying J remodeling restrooms

Here are six things you need to know about Pilot Flying J’s and its restrooms as they work make those pitstops a little nicer:

1. Pilot Flying J has 680 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

2. 1.4 million people will use their restrooms every day during the 100 days of this summer’s travel season.

3. 220 new hand dryers will dry some 11.2 million fingers each day.

4.  This massive bathroom remodel costs the company more than $50 million.

5. So far 110 restrooms have been remodeled with work continuing on the rest.

6. Every day, guests will flush a total of 1,120,000 times in Pilot Flying J restrooms.

Of special interest to truckers, Pilot Flying J has also upgraded the showers at its travel centers. The shower upgrade with Pilot Flying J spending $50 million on the shower renovations over the past three years.

“We strive to make the shower experience as comfortable as possible for all our guests when traveling, especially the professional drivers who are often away from home for several days at a time,” said Ken Parent, chief operating officer for Pilot Flying J. “For these drivers, our showers are a welcome and needed place for them to refresh, relax and recharge after long hours on the road. Taking good care of professional drivers as well as our customers is part of our DNA and that will never change.”

Many of the high-traffic Pilot Flying J locations have received the first bathroom renovations. That means travelers stopping in places like Milford, Ct.; Morris, Ill.; Dallas, Texas; Mount Pleasant, Iowa; and Lodi, Calif. can count on finding the upgraded facilities.