Speed limiters: Good? Bad? Who cares?

There were two developments in the continuing saga of requiring speed limiters on trucks, one in this country and one in Canada.

Here’s what our colleague at Overdrive James Jaillet wrote:

“A Canadian appellate court ruled this week that the Ontario province’s 2009-implemented truck speed limiter law will remain in effect, despite the court’s majority opinion that the devices could endanger truck operators.”


“A looming rule to mandate the use of speed limiting devices on heavy trucks has been delayed, according to a notice on the White House’s Office of Management and Budget’s rulemaking portal.

“The OMB, which must stamp approval on rules prior to their publication, has added a note to the status of the so-dubbed Heavy Vehicle Speed Limiter rule that says “review extended,” a change made Sept. 1.”

Not surprisingly, some folks weighed in on the topic:

“MORE Bull poo to drive experienced drivers off the road, keep the rates down, and help keep the mega carriers fat………”


“Yeah well this aint Canada dammit! I got a 3406e Cat in my W900L that tops out at 125mph with my current set up. My tech just ran a diagnostic on my engine and he was surprised that my average speed is 67mph. I told him that is just good to have plenty of pedal when i need it to get out of the way of those doing 65mph and riding in NASCAR formation for 30 fk’n miles down the interstate!”

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