We want to hear your stories of Haunted Highways

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What have you seen that scared you?

Driving truck can be a scary profession, and we don’t just mean:

  • close encounters with a four-wheeler talking on their cell phone while eating a two-fisted burger with one hand while comforting a crying child in the back seat
  • watching hours slide by as you wait to load/unload
  • finding a safe, suitable place to park for the night

We mean the strange, weird, otherworldly, spooky and downright spine-chilling things you have seen as a driver. We know you’ve seen sights that would make for a good episode of “X-Files,” “American Horror Story,” or “Walking Dead,” so tell us about them.

“Truckers News” wants to hear your tales of trucking terror for our annual Haunted Highways feature that will appear leading up to and on Halloween, Oct. 31.

Maybe it was something alongside the highway you saw out of the corner of your eye, a vision you couldn’t quite identify, but knew it was something spooky.

Then again, it might have been that eerie, unsettling feeling when you know something was wrong and you want to be someplace else, and quickly.

Or it could have been what you saw clearly as you drove, but couldn’t – or didn’t wish to – fully comprehend.

Tell “Truckers News” about all of your spooky experiences for Haunted Highways, and share all those you have heard others talk about. The spookier the better. Don’t worry, we’ll leave the lights on.

Share your tales of terror here.

Better still, call us at 831-687-8256 and record your highway nightmare for us to share.

Then watch for Haunted Highways at Halloween … But, just don’t read them while you’re alone.

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