Rod Stewart experiments with new sounds in upcoming album

Rod Stewart (Courtesy of

Rock legend and storyteller Rod Stewart is back in the spotlight with the Oct. 23 release of his album “Another Country.”

Stewart designed the album to continue the story he began in his 2013 album “Time.” He experimented with new sounds for the upcoming album and recorded the majority of it in his home. Stewart wrote 10 of the album’s 12 songs and co-produced the record with Kevin Savigar

“I’ve found that the only way to write songs is to be as personal and honest as possible, and when my last album was so well-received it gave me the confidence to keep on writing, and to examine and write about different things,” Stewart said. “It also gave me the freedom to experiment with different sounds like reggae, ska and Celtic melodies.”

“Another Country” is scheduled for release Oct. 23 and is available for preorder from the Rod Stewart Official StoreiTunes, Amazon and Google. The complete album track list:

1. Love Is

2. Please

3. Walking In The Sunshine 

4. Love and Be Loved

5. We Can Win

6. Another Country

7. Way Back Home

8. Can We Stay Home Tonight?

9. Batman Superman Spiderman

10. The Drinking Song

11. Hold The Line

12. A Friend For Life

Deluxe Edition:

13. Every Rock ‘n’ Roll Song To Me

14. One Night With You

15. In A Broken Dream