7 most spook-tacular movies on Amazon Prime

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Carrie is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. (Courtesy of IMDb)

Whether you’re looking for a classic slasher film or a lighter horror comedy, Amazon Prime has several movie options for your Halloween spook-tacular movie night.

These seven movies range from classic to modern but they’ll all probably give you nightmares of Halloween horrors.

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1. Gremlins (1984)

Billy receives a small creature called a Mogwai as a Christmas present from his father. The strange pet comes with three rules: do not expose it to bright lights or sunlight which will kill it, do not let it get wet and never feed it after midnight. And when those three rules get broken, the whole town has to face the consequences. Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, Polly Holiday and Frances Lee McCain star in the film.

2. Halloween (2007)

10-year old Michael Myers (Daeg Faerch) has a reputation for psychopathic tendencies. He murders a school bully before going home and murdering his sister Judith (Hannah Hall), Judith’s boyfriend Steve (Adam Weisman), his mother’s abusive boyfriend Ronnie (William Forsythe). And that’s only the beginning of his story. 

3.  The Uninvited (1944)

Roderick Fitzgerald (Ray Milland) and his wife Pamela (Ruth Hussey) fall in love with Windward House, an abandoned seaside property on Cornwall’s coast. They’re adoration fades after they start to experience eerie phenomena shortly after moving into the home.

4. Carrie (1976)

Shy 17-year-old Carrie (Sissy Spacek) is confused when she gets her delayed first period while at school and believes she is bleeding to death. The other girls in the restroom begin shaming her, causing Carrie to become frantic. As she becomes increasingly distressed she starts to experience telekineses, causing a light bulb to burst and flipping the principal’s ashtray off his desk. Carrie’s rage and her telekinesis become a deadly combination. 

5. House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Millionaire Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) invites five random people to a party that he is supposedly throwing for his wife Annabelle (Carol Ohmart). He tells them the location of the party, a house, is allegedly haunted and says he will give each of them $10,000 if they can stay in the house the entire night after he locks the doors at midnight.

6. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

A group of teenagers find themselves manipulated with psychotropic drugs by two facility technicians after they arrive to spend the weekend at an abandoned forest cabin. Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford star in this American horror comedy.

7. The Lost Boys (1987)

Brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) join their mother Lucy (Dianne Wiest) at her father’s (Barnard Hughes) home in Santa Carla, Calif. According to some locals, the town is plagued by vampires and the brothers find themselves caught up in the blood thirst.