Look back: Most read Truckers News stories in March 2015

Freightliner’s SuperTruck

Editor’s Note: Before 2016 arrives, Truckers News is taking a look back at the year about to expire. Over the next two weeks we’re taking a month-by-month look at the stories and videos that were most popular with you, our readers.

March was a trucking-packed month, with Freightliner unveiling its futuristic concept vehicle, the SuperTruck, and the Mid-America Trucking Show taking place in Louisville, Ky.

These were the most read stories on Truckers News in March 2015:

1. 30 truckers ticketed in huge January crashes on Interstate 94 (Read it here.)

After a massive pileup on Interstate 94 in January, 30 truck drivers found themselves ticketed. The 30 truckers were part of the 58 total people ticketed for what the Michigan State Police called “violation of basic speed law.” There were 193 vehicles involved in the crash, which killed a Canadian trucker.

2. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperTruck from Freightliner (Read it here.)

Freightliner introduced the SuperTruck at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. In an on-highway test, the truck produced 12.2 mpg, logged at 65 miles per hour on a stretch of Interstate 25 between San Antonio and Dallas. It has a 10.7 liter Detroit diesel generating 375 horsepower and 1,375 pound-feet of torque.

3. MATS’ middle name stars of the show (Read it here.)

The Mid-America Trucking Show went underway in March, with the highlight of the show being the great custom trucks in all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes. Truckers News was there to get some images of some of the great trucks.

These were the most watched videos on Truckers News in March 2015:

1. See what happens when driver makes ill-advised pass

2. Not one, but 2 tractor trailers go through the ice

3. See this collection of sleepers