Look back: Most read Truckers News stories of June 2015

Editor’s Note: Before 2016 arrives, Truckers News is taking a look back at the year about to expire. Over the next two weeks we’re taking a month-by-month look at the stories and videos that were most popular with you, our readers.

A June inspection blitz was expected to have 10,000 inspectors perform nearly 700,000 inspections, and the FMCSA told two companies two close their doors after authorities said they discovered numerous violation.

These were the most read stories on Truckers News from June 2015:

1. FMCSA shuts down two companies for safety violations (Read it here.)

The FMCSA ordered two companies to immediately shut down after federal investigations revealed what the agency said were “numerous widespread violations of critical safety regulations” by both companies. One company was based in Illinois, the other in Georgia.

2. Quiz: So you think you know the Interstate system, do you? (Read it here.)

The Interstate system is intricate and complicated. We tested your knowledge of the system with a quiz.

3. Inspection blitz next week: Are you ready? (Read it here.)

An inspection blitz was scheduled for June 2-4. The blitz was an annual joint inspection by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, FMCSA and others. Roughly 10,000 inspectors were expected to perform nearly 700,000 inspections in the 72-hour period.

These were the most watched videos on Truckers News from June 2015:

1. Driver probably wants a ‘do over’ on this backing up

2. Do you suffer from ‘absurd driver syndrome’?

3. See what happens when one driver brakes for a break