Look back: Most read Truckers News stories of November 2015

Editor’s Note: Before 2016 arrives, Truckers News is taking a look back at the year about to expire. Over the next two weeks we’re taking a month-by-month look at the stories and videos that were most popular with you, our readers.

In November, the FMCSA handed an out of service order to a Georgia driver and shut down an Ohio company after it was found to have 13 major safety violations.

These were the most read Truckers News stories of November 2015:

1. White House OK’s e-log rule, expect publication soon (Read it here.)

The final version of a federal rule requiring truck drivers to use electronic logging devices to keep records of duty status cleared the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. It is the final version of the rule and will take effect two year’s after its publication.

2. Georgia driver placed out of service over medical issue (Read it here.)

A Georgia truck driver out of service by the FMCSA and ordered not to operate any commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce. He was declared an “imminent hazard to public safety.”

3. Ohio company sidelined by FMCSA for multiple violations (Read it here.)

The FMCSA placed an Ohio trucking company out of service after it found the company had 13 major safety violations and was violating two previous out of service orders.

These were the most watched videos on Truckers News in November 2015:

1. This is an epic oversized load if ever there was one

2. Truck driver backs up on entrance ramp

3. See how this driver wins an uphill battle