4 trucker stories from elsewhere you might appreciate

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Can accidents trigger PTSD in truck drivers?

Every now and then we come across stories in the non-trucking press about trucks, truckers and trucking issues, and we like to pass them along. Here are four interesting ones that surfaced recently.

Dog’s Best Friend: Many of you drive the trucks you have been given by your company. Others have a choice and shop for one that fits their needs and/or their image of themselves. Then there is Ken Toth, who bought his truck to suit Diesel … his dog, not the fuel of the same name. Animal-centered website The Dodo tells about the man, the dog and their truck. Read it and smile.

Do Truck Drivers Suffer PTSD?: “The Atlantic” tackled the thorny issue of driver mental health in an article titled, “PTSD In The Driver’s Seat.”  It talks about post-accident trauma and the problem some truckers have getting proper mental health care. Read the piece.

Is Your Truck a Sweat Shop?: An opinion piece in “The New York Times” recently took on the issue of driver welfare. The article, titled, “Long Haul Sweatshops,” was written by two college professors — one a former truck driver — and discussed the working conditions of drivers and said, in part, “… the federal government seems to have forgotten that there are actual people behind the wheel.”  See what they had to say.

It’s Hard To Date A Truck Driver: A woman writes to the Love Letters section of the boston.com website: “I was in a relationship for three months with a man I met online. He is a truck driver. The moment we met, I felt something so special. It might sound stupid but it was real love at first sight.” But, then things went as bad as a midnight breakdown on a lonely stretch of interstate in the dead of winter for the letter writer. See how Love Letters responded.