Brandy Clark’s new album available for preorder Friday

Brandy Clark (Image Courtesy of David McClister/Warner Bros. Records)

Brandy Clark‘s new album “Big Day in a Small Town” has been scheduled for preorder Friday, April 1. This will be the first album she’s released through Warner Bros. Records.

“The production on the album is edgier and that’s what I hope for, that it does get some play and that it brings people to me music,” Clark said in a Rolling Stone Country interview.

Both Amazon and iTunes will have preorder options for the album. Clark will release the album June 10.

The album track list: 

1. Soap Opera

2. Girl Next Door

3. Homecoming Queen

4. Broke 

5. You Can Come Over

6. Love Can Go to Hell

7. Big Day in a Small Town

8. Three Kids No Husband

9. Drinkin’ Smokin’ Cheatin’

10. Since You’ve Gone to Heaven