7 binge-worthy television series now on Netflix

Aaron Paul stars as Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s Breaking Bad. (Image Courtesy of Doug Hyun/AMC)

If you’re looking for a new television series to get into, Netflix has plenty from which to choose.

These seven television shows all have at least four seasons, giving you plenty of binge watching material for when you’re winding down from a day of driving.

1. House of Cards (Netflix Original)

Frank Underwood is a merciless politician in Washington, D.C. determined to work his way up the political latter to the Oval Office, with his equally tactful wife Claire beside him. All four seasons of the Netflix Original series are available for streaming on Netflix.

2. Criminal Minds

The Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI is a team dedicated to profiling and catching dangerous psychopaths. With 10 seasons available for streaming on Netflix and an 11th season airing on television, the team has gone through their fair share of cases, giving you plenty of binge watching material. 

3. Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club owns their town through their underground gun trading operation. Their way of life leads them to many dangerous obstacles, including rival biking clubs and police. The show wrapped its final season in 2014, and all seven seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey starts as an intern at a teaching hospital in Seattle, the same hospital her famous surgeon mother was once an attending at. Grey and her fellow interns pursue their careers as surgeons, with several professional and personal roadblocks along the way. The show is now airing its 12th season on television, with all of its completed 11 seasons available for streaming on Netflix.

5. Breaking Bad

Walter White was a high school chemistry teacher when he was told he was dying of lung cancer. To protect his family’s future, White launches a business making and selling crystal meth through a partnership with a former student. The Emmy award-winning show wrapped in 2013, and all five seasons are available.

6. Bones 

Temperance Brennan is a brilliant forensic anthropologist who teams up with FBI Agent Seeley Booth to combine his street smarts with her science knowledge to investigate and solve crimes. The show will end after with its 12th season. Its 11th season is airing on television, and all 10 previous seasons are available.

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7. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope works at the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department where she hopes to have a positive impact on the community, but the politics at play make for comedic problems. The multiple award-winning comedy wrapped in 2015, and all seven seasons are available on Netflix.