Boyd Brothers driver joins million mile club

Updated Apr 8, 2016

Willie Cooley, a driver for Boyd Brothers Transportation since 2010, was honored for achieving one million safe driving miles with the company at a ceremony March 19, at the fleet’s Birmingham, Alabama terminal.

Frank Stokes, VP of Safety, left, congratulates million mile driver Willie Cooley, right

“This is like the Heisman trophy presentation,” said VP of Safety Frank Stokes, “Where past awardees are recognized, and then you have a new person coming into the fold as a winner.”

Joining Cooley were several other Boyd Brothers’ million mile drivers, some of whom had driven two or three million miles for the company.

“Having these guys stand behind you, you know you’re in the million mile club now. What an honor it must be to be in that club. These are your brethren” said Boyd Brothers president Chris Cooper.

“Getting to this point is no accident,” added Stokes, “It took a lot of intentional work on Willy’s part, and a commitment each and every day to remain safe. We’re proud of Willie for his accomplishment, and are looking forward to his second million. This is an outstanding accomplishment and one we hope all Boyd Brothers drivers will achieve.”

In addition to a gift of $1,500, Cooley received a trophy, jacket, ring, and other gifts that recognized his achievement.

“Well, it took a long time to get here, and it took a lot of dedication. It took a lot of commitment and a lot of getting used to stuff. But I got here, I got it done, and I’m ready for my second million.” said Cooley, “And for the new guys, I know it might start out as a goal for you to reach a million miles. But if you find yourself at 750,000 safe miles, then it just jumps out at you, and from then on its on you, one mile at a time. Make sure you do it safe, and make sure you do it right the first time. Be safe, and be professional. That’s what gets you there.”