Former driver creates truck drivers’ cleansing wipes

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Updated Apr 25, 2016
Former trucker Greg Cyr’s Detour Driver Wipes

Grey Cyr grew up around trucks and heavy machinery, and he’s always been a businessman. After having been disabled for the last 10 years, he decided to give regional truck driving a try when he started feeling better.

He took up a part time trucking job for R. F. Chamberland out of St. Agatha, Maine driving out for two or three days at a time. One of the things he noticed was the lack of available showers.

“One of the things that nobody really talks about that isn’t really pleasant is that you cannot shower every evening,” Cyr said. “So I had to solve that issue for myself.”

Cyr learned many drivers rely on baby wipes for when they can’t get to a shower, but he thought there needed to be a better solution made specifically for drivers.

“How could I make a better product that drivers could use that was especially designed and applicable to that situation?” Cyr said he asked himself.

He started sending out quotes to companies and manufacturers, and created Detour Driver Wipes, cleansing wipes made with truck drivers in mind. He settled on a sheet larger than most baby wipes offer, made out of a fabric called spunlace.

The Detour Driver Wipes are designed to be larger than baby wipes.

The Detour Driver Wipes come 40 to a package and are 8″ x 10″ stretchable, unscented sheets. They’re alcohol free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and include aloe vera extract. They’re made in the U.S.

Cyr said he’s working to improve the product by creating a more aggressive texture for removing dirt and grime without being too harsh and adding additional soaps or chemicals.

Cyr drove for about a year and a half, and he says the experience has given him a deeper appreciation for truckers.

“I don’t even consider myself a real truck driver,” Cry said. “Truck drivers are especially tough people. To be able to drive six or seven  days … those guys are really, really special people. We ought to be grateful to truckers.”

Cyr’s Detour Driver Wipes are available for purchase on the product’s website.  A single pack is $9.95, a double pack for $18.75, a triple pack for $27.25, and they are available for wholesale pricing.