Jennifer Nettles plays with fire in her upcoming album

Jennifer Nettles on the cover of her “Playing with Fire” album (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Jennifer Nettles is packing emotion into her new country album “Playing with Fire” album, scheduled for release Friday, May 13.

“I am so proud of this record,” Nettles said in a news release. “I can’t wait to share it with my fans and hear their reactions. It is a ton of sass and emotion and fire.”

The album will be Nettles’ second solo album since her solo career debut album “That Girl” in 2014. Nettles was previously a member of the award-winning country group Sugarland.

Jennifer Nettles’ “Playing with Fire” is due out May 13. It is available for preorder from Amazon here and iTunes here

The album track list:

1. Playing with Fire

2. Unlove You

3. Hey Heartbreak

4. Drunk in Heels

5. Stupid Girl

6. Three Days in Bed

7. Sugar

8. Chaser

9. Starting Over

10. Salvation Works

11. Way Back Home

12. My House (feat. Jennifer Lopez)