FlipBelt helps keep your hands free while running, walking

FlipBelt Classic (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

The FlipBelt is a trucker’s answer to jogging or walking hands-free. It’s made with stretchable stitching and a stretchy mircoply/lycra fabric.

The FlipBelt allows you to store your phone, your keys and whatever else you may have in the multiple openings along the belt. The FlipBelt keeps your items secure as its 3-inch width keeps your items from moving around.

The FlipBelt comes in four options:

  • FlipBelt Classic for $28.99: Standard basic FlipBelt design
  • FlipBelt Zipper for $34.99: Wider belt with an extra zipper pocket
  • FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt for $32.99: Reflective yellow belt for high visibility
  • FlipBelt Hydration Belt for $43.99: The FlipBelt Classic design with three water bottles attached

The FlipBelt can be machine washed and machine dried or air dried.

A sizing chart is available on the FlipBelt retail site.