Heading through Philly in late July? Part of I-95 to be closed

Commercial trucks weighing over 5 tons will be prohibited from traveling on Interstate 95 through Philadelphia during next month’s Democratic National Convention.

The restriction begins Saturday, July 23 at noon and ends Friday, July 29.

Be aware of I-95 closing in late July

Trucks weighing more than 5 tons will not be able to travel I-95 between Exit 13 (Interstate 76 West/Route 291/Valley Forge) and Exit 22 (Interstate 676).

The following are the posted detours that drivers of vehicles over 5 tons will be directed to follow to return to I-95 once they exit the interstate:

  • From I-95 north: Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) east, to 26th Street, to Interstate 76 west, to Interstate 676 east; and
  • From I-95 south: I-676 west, to I-76 east, to 26th Street, to Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) west.

In addition, the northbound and southbound entrance ramps to I-95 between Exit 13 and Exit 22 in Philadelphia will be closed to commercial vehicles over 5 tons. Commercial vehicles will be directed to use arterial roads to reach either I-95 north or south beyond Exit 13 or Exit 22.

The I-95 exit ramps at Broad Street (Route 611/Exit 17) in south Philadelphia also will be closed during convention week.

The I-95 north exit ramp at Broad Street (Route 611/Exit 17) will be closed from Friday, July 22 at 10 p.m. until midday Friday, July 29.