Adam Sandler has new movie for Netflix

Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler in “Sandy Wexler”Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler in “Sandy Wexler”

He was Billy Madison the rich kid sent back to school and Happy Gilmore the hockey player turned golfer and Bobby Boucher the bullied and badgered slightly slow title character of The Waterboy.

Now, Adam Sandler is the goofy and often inappropriate talent manager Sandy Wexler in the movie of the same name.
Sandy Wexler is Sandler’s latest original movie for Netflix. It follows the weird western The Ridiculous 6, a rather successful sendup of The Magnificent 7, and The Do Over. (He has one more movie to do in his four-picture deal with Netflix.)

Sandy Wexler is a low-budget 1990s talent manager in the vein of Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose. But, without the charm. Wexler is a loud, goofy, annoying, pushy agent who represents some of the lesser stars of the entertainment universe. Very lesser. Then he finds one with real talent — Courtney Clark played by Jennifer Hudson — and falls in lover with her.

Sandy Wexler the movie is loaded with the kind of Hollywood stars Sandy Wexler the agent would never represent. The supporting cast includes Conan O’Brien, Kevin James, Henry Winkler, Carl Weathers, Judd Apatow, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey, Rob Schneider, David Spade, Richard Lewis and Darius Rucker among others.

Netflix rolls out Sandy Wexler April 14.