Eli Young Band goes back to their roots for ‘Fingerprints’

Album artwork for Eli Young Band’s new album “Fingerprints.”Album artwork for Eli Young Band’s new album “Fingerprints.”

Eli Young Band has a new label, a new album, and they’re ready to make their return to the country music charts. The band will release “Fingerprints,” their first album with The Valory Music Co., today, Friday, June 16.

The album is a return to the band’s roots in country rock.

“We started out as college friends united through music and while we’ve grown into much more, this album really is a return to where we came from,” guitarist James Young said in a press release.

The album is available for on Amazon and iTunes

The album’s track list:

1. Saltwater Gospel

2. Fingerprints

3. Never Again

4. Old Songs

5. Drive

6. Skin & Bones

7. A Heart Needs A Break

8. Once

9. Never Land

10. God Love the Rain

11. The Days I Feel Alone