‘Ice Road Truckers’ airs tonight on History

Alex DebogorskiAlex Debogorski

As the season draws to a close, life on the Canadian ice roads gets dicier, and more challenging.

The drivers on Ice Road Truckers found that out several times over in last week’s episode as they pushed their trucks hard, and their trucks and the deteriorating ice roads pushed back. One truck overheated badly, another had a hole punched in its radiator and a third got hung up in the snow.

In our recap of last week’s episode, we asked who readers thought was the best driver; not the fan favorite, but the best trucker. With the votes all in, the results were:

  • Alex Debogorski had 50 percent of the votes
  • Lisa Kelly had 32.35 percent
  • Todd Dewey had 11.76 percent
  • Art Burke had 5.88 percent

Ice Road Truckers airs at 10 p.m. Eastern and 9 p.m. Central tonight on the History cable channel.