App that lets truckers track their pay made by driver

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Updated Apr 14, 2019
The My Trucker Pay app lets drivers calculate their paychecks.The My Trucker Pay app lets drivers calculate their paychecks.

Atlanta-based truck driver Jemaine Lanier has created an app that lets truckers track their mileage and pay rates so they always have an accurate idea of what their paycheck should look like.

The app offers several measurements and stores up to a month’s worth of information. It can be used to track mileage, percentages, backhauls, per diems, tarping, and more. It doesn’t matter what type of trucking a driver does, Lanier says, they can use the app to calculate their pay. They can then share that data directly with human resources representatives if they notice an error on their check that needs correcting.

“It was just something that would allow me to keep count of how much I’m getting paid. It was actually a personal need of mine. I figured it was something I could develop to help myself and help other truckers out,” said Lanier, who drives for McLane.

Lanier fleshed out the app’s design himself using Excel and recruited a developer to help him bring the app to life.

“I went on Excel and designed the app myself and I found a developer and sent them my Excel spreadsheet and they were able to develop it for me,” Lanier said.

The app is available for free in the Google Play Store. Lanier said he is open to feedback from drivers so he can continue to build the app into a useful tool for them.