Folks say, ‘Well done, driver’ for helping man change a tire

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Updated Jul 7, 2019

Usually, the What’s Hot feature here on Truckers News focuses on trucking industry pain points. Things like driver pay, detention, hours of service, and bad driving by other motorists. Today, we change it up a bit.

We recently saw an unusual Facebook post, which drew plenty of comments. Was it viral? No, but more importantly it was nice, it was pleasant, it was reassuring. It was about a good guy doing a good thing. Shocking, right?

Dirk Rochon, a driver for Western Turk in California posted:

Photo by Dirk RochonPhoto by Dirk Rochon

“It’s hot out … I’m sitting at this lot doin’ a regen on my truck. This old guy in that red truck pulled on the back side of the lot … While I’m sitting in my AC I notice he is pulling out a jack and tire irons … I didn’t see a flat but I walked up to him anyway and asked if everything was alright … He said he felt a vibration and wanted to check it out … So we look at his tires and his driver’s side steer is separated and about to blow … So I ask if I can help him out … I ain’t goin’ to be caught in my AC while an 80-year-old man is outside trying to change a tire on his pickup … Long story short I got the old man back rolling in about 10 mins so he can make it to his grandson’s ball game this afternoon. It doesn’t take much to do the right thing.”

Well done and well said, Mr. Rochon.

There are a lot of folks who agree and appreciate what you did and said. Here’s a sampling:

Channing Clapper Well done driver, hold your head high!!

Roberto Tortolero It’s not hard to be nice

Teri Jo Deweese I love the line “I won’t be caught in my air conditioner ” God Bless you ♥️

Randy Smith No it’s not hard to be nice and do the right thing. It just seems hard to find that r those people anymore.

Daniel N Chaya Gokul Thank you for helping a fellow person out. We need more people like you bro.

Clint Eichelberger Good man. Pay it forward

Carol Bishop I love your attitude. Raised right.

Marilyn Crawford You are a good man, driver! Much appreciated they don’t make ’em like you no more! Nice and respectable. I like that.

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Phillip Plemmons Good job driver the world needs to see more of this.

Mary Ellen Tulloch Now that’s a true trucker! Awesome! ❤️

Scott Williams Growing up, truckers were the knights in shining armor of the highway. If someone was stranded or broke down, a trucker would block, provide a ride or at the very least call for help. Nowadays, they hold up the fuel islands bragging on Facebook about how good they are while misspelling basic words and not thinking of anyone but themselves. Glad to see there’s a lot of old school guys left!! I’m just grateful I get to be a trucker. I get to honk at the kids giving me the signal and help others out if I can. Thanks for posting this. Proud of you!

Randy Anders Everyone should learn from this. I always help people. karma will pay you back, good things will come your way. 👍

Renold Moody It sure doesn’t. Way to go professional driver.