Now more than ever, it’s time to shout, ‘i Luv My Trucker!’


It’s time again to proclaim, “i Luv My Trucker!” and for good reason.

Only a few short months ago, as Americans tried to get their heads around something called the COVID-19 coronavirus and panic shopping emptied grocery store shelves, professional truck drivers quickly became “essential” and were hailed as heroes by everyone from President Trump to kids holding up homemade “thank you” signs at truck stops.

Screen Shot 2020 09 02 At 2 26 50 PmAnd, truckers continued doing what they always do: delivering the goods the rest of us need. They did it often without access to hot meals because truck stop dining rooms closed. They did it often without access to restrooms or showers and other facilities the rest of us take for granted because of strict new health controls. When face masks were required, many had to improvise on their own and the hand sanitizer others hoarded was scarce for truckers, even those who delivered it. At times, food on the road was a random brown bag lunch donated by strangers and handed through the truck window at an interstate rest area.

But, while the pandemic is far from over, most truckers have seen their days return to something resembling normal in pre-COVID-19 days. Still, they deserve thanks and appreciation more than ever.

That’s why once again Truckers News will help celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week — Sept. 13 to 19 this year — with our annual i Luv My Trucker! promotion.

As in the past, we’re asking truckers’ friends, families, co-workers and others to help us recognize the professional drivers they love. Use the simple entry form and tell us a bit about the trucker you love and why, and send along a photo of them. We’ll post all of the entries on the Truckers News website.

Then, after Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’ll choose five and do our best to buy them lunch, sending them a $25 gift card for Subway.

Enter i Luv My Trucker! here.

Need to jumpstart your expression of trucker luv? Here are a few entries from last year:

A woman said of the trucker she luvs:

“He taught me how to drive and helped me get my CDL because I have been in many abusive relationships and always got left broken and homeless. He insisted I get my CDL so I never have to depend on anyone else for my survival. He took a broken abused woman and made her a strong independent woman with a great career. He works harder than anyone I have ever met and has the best heart. I fell in love with him and the road at the same time.”

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This one said of her husband, a trucker of 26 years:

“He provided for his family but never knew what vacations were. All he knew is that he had to make a living for his family. For the last three years he has been a regional driver and home every night but OMG he works so hard. He still gains respect for all his hard work by his bosses and the customers.”

And, a daughter wrote of her dad:

“Apart from school, my dad trained me every week to gain the skills to drive. He set up the most difficult scenarios and equipment and spaces for me to train in — it sucked at the time, but I know I would be better skilled because of it. My dad who was a pioneer in his field and still trucking to this day. My mentor, teacher, and inspiration. “