Pork rind maker honors truckers, gives to relief fund

Updated Sep 5, 2020

Southern Recipe will honor America’s truckers with its ninth annual Truck Driver Appreciation campaign. They will also donate $7,500 to St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF) to help support truck drivers in need.

In this year’s campaign, the maker of pork rinds and other snacks will focus on truck drivers “who are fighting obstacles and moving mountains to ensure America continues to thrive during the current world pandemic,” says a statement from the company.

From now through Sept. 15, Southern Recipe will unveil new videos from truck drivers driving through the nation’s COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to ensure food is on grocery store shelves. Through this campaign, Southern Recipe and SCF hope to help everyone in the U.S. better understand the work truckers do.

“Literally everything that comes into our plants and everything that leaves our plant are transported by way of America’s truck drivers,” said Mark Singleton, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Southern Recipe and Rudolph Foods. “We started celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week really simply — by handing out pork rinds to drivers as a way to say, ‘Thank you.’ Today, to have the opportunity to connect and say ‘Thank you’ voice to voice and face to face over video is awesome. To be here today, in this pandemic, to help other people understand how important these people are to all of us, is more critical than ever.”

Additional details of the campaign can be found on SouthernRecipe.com.