May the New Year be a truly happy one for you and yours

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Updated Jan 1, 2024
Happy New Year from Truckers News

Well, the Earth has completed another 584 million mile revolution around the Sun.

For many, it has been a good and fine year filled with safe and well-paid miles, no accidents or inspection setbacks, and nothing but helpful dispatchers and quick and accommodating lumpers.

For others, 2023 may have been less enjoyable and not so productive. It was a difficult year for the trucking industry with excess capacity and too little freight, and that filtered down to the drivers. Many were laid off or saw their companies close completely.

But the industry and the men and women who daily haul the freight are, for the most part, a hearty lot, resilient and tough. They know this is a cyclic industry, and companies and most drivers have lived through down times in the past.

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The prospects for better days in 2024 are uncertain because of conditions well out of the hands that hold the steering wheels of the nation's trucks. But, we're certain company drivers and owner-operators will be there when needed. 

For them, we bid farewell to the old year with a special version of the traditional song of New Year's Eve. Feel free to sing along, and have a happy New Year.