Keith Sampson: ‘My husband, best friend, soul mate and hero’


Keith Sampson
Nominated by Victoria Sampson, wife

He’s my husband, best friend, soul mate and hero.We’ve spent our entire marriage of 24 years as over the road team drivers. That’s the equivalent of 72 years to most other folks as we’re together 24/7.

I’ve watched him mature from a young man with meager beginnings with not much offered to him in life to an amazing talented singer/songwriter and owner operator with almost 3 million safe miles under his belt. I know he always has my back no matter where we are.

He was once told by a teacher in grammar school he’d never amount to anything in life. Boy, was she wrong. His leadership skills are undeniable I couldn’t ask for a better “man of the house.”

I love my trucker because he’s the prince in shining armor of my fairytale as we ride each day into the sunset were truly happily ever after.

Last year he won the 2014 Overdrive Magazine /Red-Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search and went into the recording studio this year because of the generosity of AxleOutPro to produce his first single.