Dale McLeland: ‘One of the greatest men I have encountered’


Dale McLeland
Nominated by Katherine Bresnahan, Sister-in-law

Dale McLeland with granddaughter Haylie.

With 23+ years within trucking, I instantly thought, “I cannot think of anyone more qualified to be recognized than my brother-in-law!”

Dale came into my life 36 years ago, and I have looked to him as nothing short of one of the greatest men I have encountered in life.

Starting in 1969, becoming an O/O in 1995. I figured over 46+ years he has driven nearly 10 million miles over his career. He could have driven to the moon and back, more than eight times!

My favorite all time story about him was his paying $50K for a pneumatic tank (his shinny-hinny), and having the hub melt to the axle with no grease being added at the factory.

We haven’t spoken since he was laid-off two days ago, but I’m sure he is down in the dumps over this after so much money into his truck, with new paint and updates, and just getting back on the road after being down a few months.

Couldn’t be a better time for him to be recognized, nor to a better man.

Coming to 72 years old in October he loves his truck,  what a story worthy to be told!