Niel Beck: ‘… love him more than the moon and stars’

Updated Sep 15, 2015

Niel Beck
Nominated by Janis Beck, wife

Niel has the largest heart of gold on this earth, and love him more than the moon and stars.

He is kind, smart, funny, compassionate, loveable, hard working, faithful, loves his sons and step-son very much and is always trying to solve everyone’s problems in order to make their lives better. His words of encouragement and joy for life shows in Niel’s very funny belly laugh every minute of the day always trying to cheer everyone up when they have had a bad day.

Niel is my best friend and loving husband of 11 years and looking forward to many more wonderful future years together… An inspiration in my life and his children’s lives as well as friends and family… Can’t wait to retire with him up north in our cottage on the lake with our children … grandchildren and dogs by our sides.

Everything he does in this world is always positive and done with so much love. So in return I declare him the BEST TRUCKER EVER AWARD!