Aaron DeSilva: ‘Genuine concern for our family’s future’

Aaron DeSilva
Nominated by Tiffany DeSilva, Wife

De SilvaAaron is not afraid to get dirty, headstrong, hard-working, passionate, strong, outspoken, sometimes harsh but honest men. He comes from a modest childhood and is determined to give us more than what he had. Guaranteed he will miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and unplanned emergencies. He doesn’t have the pleasure of kissing our children goodnight or sleeping next to me every night. Aaron willingly goes on the road for weeks at a time where he must drive/work nonstop every day because there are no sick days he eats when he can or not at all, and drives all day in dangerous or unsuitable weather from 120-degree summers days to snow storms or even nonstop downpours because the job must be done. Why would anyone do this? Because he is selfless! Facing the long hard hours knowing that he will be pushed to his limit and tired. Why? Because my trucker puts those he loves before himself. It’s not only a true love but a selfless love and genuine concern for our family’s future.