James Chadwick: ‘the definition of a strong man’

James Chadwick
Nominated by Michele Ward, Fiancé

James ChacwickJimmy and I first started dating and he was starting new job for a small flatbed company. He asked me if I wanted to take a ride to California. From that moment on we have become an inseparable awesome trucking team. He taught me how to drive and helped me get my CDL because I have been in many abusive relationships and always got left broken and homeless. He insisted I get my CDL so I never have to depend on anyone else for my survival. He took a broken abused woman and made her a strong independent woman with a great career. He works harder than anyone I have ever met and has the best heart. I fell in love with him and the road at the same time. He selflessly brought my two daughters and their father to Florida to live in the same house as us so we were a family. He will do anything he can to better himself me and our family. He is the definition of a strong man and I have been blessed to have him as a partner in life and business!